An Idea For Your Next Industry Conference - Marketing Speakers Ian & MarkWe want to offer something a little different for your next industry or company conference.

Hopefully, by now, you've had a taster of what Marketing Homebrew is all about. Hopefully, too, you feel the passion and commitment we have for the variety of topics we discuss and provide opinion on.

So, here's our proposition to you, Mr or Mrs Conference Event Organiser, let us take to your stage and present your audience with an hour long Marketing Homebrew Special.


Between us, we'll decide upon a critical question your audience needs to consider. Provide us with 2 comfy chairs (plastic moulding will do...) and a couple of glasses of water and we'll entertain your audience whilst sharing a stack of insight from our own experience and endeavours.

Sounds different doesn't it? Sounds like something that will break the pattern of 45 minute slideshow presentations. Sounds like something your event's audience will enjoy and learn from. Jolly good.

Wherever in the world (ideally somewhere palm trees grow naturally) your upcoming conference is taking place we'd love to join you. This will be raw. This will be meaningful. This will be memorable.


We want to challenge conventional thinking within your industry. All the talk of best practice and the rules to follow, our mission is to give business owners and their marketing team direction and confidence to market their own way.

Whichever industry your event or conference is focused upon, our message will have meaning. Our conversation will flow similar to what you've heard on the podcast. We'll invite questions, we'll share our ideas. A different format and a more purposeful perspective for your conference attendees. You ready?


We're looking forward to hearing what you have in mind. Do drop us a line. Looking forward to talking.