• Do you enjoy listening to Marketing Homebrew?
  • Do you have a favourite way of listening (the car, the run, in bed)?
  • Do you like Ian?
  • Do you like Mark?
  • Do you like Ian and Mark?

Now is your chance to bring the Homebrew conversation to your business with Ian and Mark. To help you create your market, create your media and create your business empire.

Is there an area of your marketing that you would like a supporting hand with? Lets help build and create your discussion. Whether to the entire business or small groups, lets develop an inclusive Homebrew experience where everyone contributes.

Are you stuck and need a helping hand with:

  • developing your company story
  • where to find inspiration for your content
  • creating and shaping a content strategy
  • how to make a podcast (and stick with it)
  • should everyone or a few contribute to the content creation?
  • become continually enthused and commit to a blog
  • creating spaces that you have 100% control of to build your audience
  • focusing on steady maintained growth rather than a campaign mindset

We help create a day’s discussion around those areas that you need to have a deeper understanding of and to become more confident with.

At the end of the day’s event, if you are not enthused, educated or entertained, we promise your money back.

Share your thoughts on the topics you would like to bring to your business using the form below. If there was a show you want to focus on deeper, just let us know.