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We'll start with the backstory.

Within 2 weeks of first discussing the idea of collaborating on a podcast, Marketing Homebrew was launched.

We first met in Christmas 2014. Over tea and cakes and Bing Crosby serenading us in a lovely cafe in the town of Penistone (pronounced Pen-Iss-Tone not the other variation...) Yorkshire we were excited to share our views of the content marketing world .

The key is collaboration. We weren't looking to sell anything. To promote anything. Marketing Homebrew was a platform to share our own beliefs about the opportunities and pitfalls of content marketing outside of the sphere of our own worlds.

The idea and output is pretty simple. We'd both listened to hours upon hours of content marketing podcasts from our friends the other side of the pond. The question we couldn't answer, 'why is there nothing like this for the UK audience?'. So, we created a solution.

Marketing Homebrew is a conversation. A weekly 30 minute unedited conversation. We share insight and opinion around a question we feel UK businesses need to be addressing. That question relates, for the most part, to content marketing.

Practical talk on content marketing has been done to death. The books. The blogs. The podcasts. All talking about how you should do things.

We all know we SHOULD be blogging.

We all know we SHOULD be customer-centric in our approach.

Marketing Homebrew is about taking a step back and asking questions that will help shape your approach to content. Not just the doing. The thought and strategy that leads to successful implementation of the 'doing'. What will help you create something a little different. A little more memorable.

For us, that is where we see so many businesses fall down. It's something very few in our space are keen to address.


Market your business like a homebrewer.

The Marketing Homebrew is the start of a movement - to empower businesses to market in their own way.

There's nothing unique about off-the-shelf beer. Let's create something different. Something that doesn't follow a recipe. Something homegrown.

Think about the homebrewing process in 2015. The idea that you're following general instructions but crafting something quite unique. It takes time to get it right. It takes time to understand the impact ingredients have on the resulting brew.

Over time, and with practice, you learn how to refine your brewing technique. You have to have patience.

But, when you turn the tap, there's something different. Something to savour. Something that you have created.

That's the homebrew philosophy. That's the marketing homebrew philosophy.

To share with you our own ideas to help you concoct a brew, your content marketing, that you can be proud of. Something you want to share.


We're starting from scratch in 2015. We're glad you're here to share the journey. We have a vision that Marketing Homebrew will become something more than just this podcast. Something we can take to the road. Something we can share within businesses across the UK.

One thing is for sure, we're putting every ingredient we have available into the mix to see what we can create.

Podcasting does take time and commitment. We're on a journey fresh-faced and eager to learn in this podcasting world. We're using this website to share the story with you. It would be fantastic to know that our own podcast is inspiring you to pick up a mic and plug into the podcasting world yourself.

We also want to prove that there's no excuse with 'we don't have the time'. We're both busy with our own successful consultancy businesses in Dorset and Cheshire. You make time. That's what we're doing. Hope you enjoy what we're creating here.

We want to ensure every minute you spend with us is worthwhile.