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July 2015 Podcast Stats

The results are in. The decision to shift from a once-a-week 30 minute format to 2 weekly 15 minute shows appears (initially) to have been a success.

1078 unique downloads was our best month so far beating out the March/April figures where we were assisted by positioning within the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes.

Now, we're flying solo without the assistance of iTunes promotions and listenership is steadily growing.

Podcasting Statistics For the UK

We're predominantly reliant upon our own (@heyidgroup and @irhodes) Twitter accounts to announce each new show. Apart from that, we're still in the early days and seeing very little SEO traffic.

Speaking of which, we are dominating ranking for the term 'UK Content Marketing Podcast' which is the present focus of the Marketing Homebrew podcast:

Podcast SEO

This site, presently, is a secondary tool for promoting the podcast. Through social media channels we're directing traffic to our listing on iTunes. Two trains of thought here. Firstly, that's where the majority of listeners download the latest shows. Secondly, it's in our benefit to rank within the iTunes charts to further grow our listening figures.

MarketingHomebrew.com will be expanding over the coming months as we look to include more insight from our own podcasting journey. For now, it's an easy place to access our show archive and a simple tool to point new listeners to if they're interested in finding out more about us.

We'll be providing quarterly updates detailing download figures. We'll also provide updates through the show itself as we highlight the benefits of Content Marketing beyond the blog....


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  1. Todd Cochrane (@GeekNews) 8 August, 2015 at 22:51 Reply

    Congrats and I see you used Blubrry Podcast Stats to figure it out.. Isn’t it a beautiful thing.. But next time give us a shout out we have global data that shows 2 a week at a reasonable length is better thank one a week

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