The 'brewing process

We could take a more polished, more precise, approach to the production of Marketing Homebrew. We know that. Why though?

The podcast itself now takes 15 minutes to record. A one single-take conversation about a word that we believe matters, in context, to the modern marketer.

The production takes a further 15 minutes. Editing together the show intro, the jingle, the conversation and the outro. 26 shows in and we've had to do one copy and paste as the Skype call disconnected. We just picked up from where we left off.

Then there's the upload and creating the dedicated page on this website. Another 30 minutes tops.

60 minutes, twice a week. Two hours of time to create each Marketing Homebrew episode. As we reach the 5,000th download of Marketing Homebrew we can say it's time well invested.

Podcasting costs are limited too.

  • 2 good quality recording mics.
  • 2 skype acccounts.
  • 1 purchase of eCamm Call Recorder software.
  • 1 subscription to Bluberry for hosting the podcast.
  • 1 wordpress hosting package for this website.

The process itself is straightforward.

We have a Slack account to ping ideas for our show topic backwards and forwards.

We take time to collect our own thoughts and present a podcast we feel is compelling to exchange our listener's 30 minutes of time for each week.

We've recorded at a variety of times during the week. First thing on a Monday to last thing on a Friday. The last few shows have been recorded at 9pm on a Wednesday evening. 2 shows, recorded back to back. It's a great time to record.

The working day is done. The kids are asleep. You feel more relaxed. You can crack open a beer and dive into a conversation.

A valuable piece of extracurricular marketing activity.

The value for us

This is an education. For us, the hosts, as well as our listeners. Hosting a podcast compared with being a guest on a podcast is a totally different experience. You're not just in control of the production. You're in control of the brand, the marketing and your listenership growth.

Nearly 6 months in and we're still making tweaks, refinements and adjustments to ensure the show doesn't become laboured and you, our listener, still receives the value in exchange for those 15 minutes. It's a responsibility. It's a reward.

We believe far more people/enterprises/businesses should be picking up the mic and hitting record. This is the content space where you can still create your media and own a little of your audience's precious time.

We've kept things (production and costs) simple for a reason. To show that it can be done. Yes, as I said, you can be more slick, more refined, more processed. But at the same time, for most of us, time is the great obstacle. How do we make time to create and publish a podcast each and every week? If we can do it...

If you can't create conversation through your blog or through social media create something more purposeful through the podcasting channel. One man bands & corporations alike. Consider the time you spend on the channels where you're 'doing' for doing's sake.

Creating content is about sharing something valuable with your intended audience. Podcasting provides you that opportunity. Go press record. See where it takes you.

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