The Marketing Homebrew Growth Schedule

There are very few podcasts that are learning channels with a set framework. We are one of them.

Every Marketing Homebrew show that you listen to during 2016 forms a defined scope that is intended to help you create a framework where you can develop your ideas and convert into a marketing/business growth commitment.

It's All About You, Now C'mere

Whether for a side project that you are focusing on, or bringing your business structure in line with how the world is changing and the demands from today's consumer, let this be your weekly coaching session.

Like any commitment, positive results will only be determined if you stick to them and keep with it.

To have access to 48 shows that are effectively weekly lessons (without going to 'school' oriented on you) normally has a cost associated with it.

We are providing our knowledge as free consultancy and we hope that you take from it, learn and share with us your progress.

The biggest investment we ask from you is your time.

How The Year Looks

The year will be split into four key areas: preparation (January - March); process (April - June); results (July - September); review (October - December)

This is then broken down into 12 modules: strategy; build; launch; framework; resource; delivery; measurement; focus; diversify; reflection; assess; what's next.

With each of the 12 modules will be four topics dedicated to each show.

Businesses cannot jump into a content marketing approach, unless they understand the fundamentals of their business and the role that they provide for others. Lets give clarity and guidance for you.

The whole purpose for the shows during 2016 is to help you understand your role within the marketplace, and to have the confidence to stand for something that you believe in. The end result has to be profitable action for your business and the ability to build an audience that you have responsibility for.

See For Yourself

To download the weekly schedule, click the image below.


marketing homebrew

Print it out, pin it to the wall, keep it safe as this becomes your weekly mental exercise regime.

We also want you to share with us, how the momentum is building. Are changes being made? Have new ideas started to develop? Are you finding a rhythm?

As the weeks and months progress, let us know. Who knows, maybe you can join us on the show and share your story. We want to hear how you are getting on, let us know [email protected] or [email protected]

Ian explains, "Aligning what you're doing with where your customer is right now pays dividends. The process behind Marketing Homebrew is changing."

"As consumers we're all on independent journeys. As a marketer your responsibility is to present the map and be the guide that takes your audience from where they are to where they want to be."

Lets Go

During 2015 Marketing Homebrew was the map to how marketing, content, media and business is evolving. In 2016 we are taking the role of the guide.

We hope you are here for the journey. We've even got the sandwiches and your favourite crisps.

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