September 2015 Podcast Stats

It's time for the quarterly progress review for Marketing Homebrew... and we've ended the month on a high!


When we launched the podcast in February we set the optimistic target of 10,000 downloads for 2015. Why? It's obvious, it's a nice round number as we had no real clue as to the growth of a podcast.

So, 10,000 sounds big. 10,000 sounded good. Achievable?

Total listens now stands at 7,558 at the end of September. 3 months to go and we're three quarters of the way there.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.49.57

September was our biggest month by far topping 1,500 downloads for the very first time. 60% of our listeners are in the UK which is brilliant for us to see.

In total we've seen downloads from 36 countries and good growth over the past month in Japan and the Philippines.

Country By Country Podcast Download Report


Running a podcast you don't have the same level of analytics available to you as you do on your website. There's no indication of engagement with the exception of overall listenership growth and receiving heartwarming tweets such as Lee's below:

or another Lee who rightfully pointed out:

This is all about growth. Adding value to our listener's world and incentivising them (through the content we create) to join us and become regular listeners to the show.

We can't attribute ROI. We're not selling anything.

The strongest return we see on the time we spent creating and publishing the podcast is the response from both new listeners, clients and friends.

What we talk about on the podcast supports how we both operate our own business. It's a super reference to provide our own clients with. 'Funnily enough... we talked about this on Show 28...take a listen'.


From next week we're taking the podcast down a new journey. We're opening the topics up to our audience as we invite our listeners to provide us with their own content marketing challenges they're facing.

How do we validate success? Can we retain the level of growth we've seen over the past few months? If we see a dip, then we question the validity of our decision. We also listen to our audience. This is a collaboration and our audience play a huge role in the success of the show.

See you back here for our final 2015 stats at the end of December.


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