Show 127: Becoming specialists, taking ownership and asking is video where it’s at?

Welcome to the weekly Marketing Homebrew taproom.


People don’t want generalists or the jack-of-all-trades, they want specialists. L’Oreal recently echoed this.

Take using Google as an example. People go to Google when searching for something specific or they have a specific problem. When people search for you or your company, what do you want them to search for?


Ownership starts from taking control. You can create a kingdom that all comes back to your domain (or website). It has to become something you learn to become fixated with, or you keep with what you have.

When it comes to communicating a brand message, company’s need to become more self-sufficient.

We don’t require permission from anyone anymore to create, but businesses need to learn to see the opportunity to grow and collaborate rather than passing the buck completely to someone else. Affordable technology is now allowing us to generate new skills and to retrain our mindsets, to be able to support a company message and to grow an audience to drive profitable action.


Jack Poulton from MQ Metal Fabrications asks, “is video where the future is?

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