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Show 128: How to keep your barrel of content ideas full to the brim

Lets look at how you can keep a rhythm that doesn’t tail off and start becoming a chore.

As this is our 128th show, we guess we come from a place of knowledge and share with you why we haven’t sat here twiddling our thumbs, or relentlessly going over old ground.

The ways to keep on creating, centres on understanding the problems for your marketplace and be seen as a place authority. If you accept that learning is a continuous process and you realise that not everything you distribute has to be so polished that it wouldn’t look out of place on the BBC, then you can find consistency.

Whilst no one wants you to keep filling spaces because you have to, if you come from a place of relevance that serves a marketplace, rather than a ‘it’s been three months what shall we put out there?’ this moves things to a completely different space.

Also recognise that not everything has to sit within a digital space. We mention this great article from Financial Review Using different content formats can become your super power, rather thinking you have to be limited to one space.

See, it not just about keyword tools or finding guest bloggers who have no idea what you are about. Everything is centred on doing things and then sharing with an audience who get it, believe you and here for the long haul.

To become a valuable resource to others you have to invest time, learning and understand how you can be of use to others.

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