Show 130: How can you build your business on the back of an email list ?

You need a consistent mindset to grow your business; email provides a solid foundation.

To have the ability to communicate a message through a space you have 100% control of should be seen as a privilege and not something to take advantage of.

Everything you do has to be centred on creating something that people really want to open, not form a queue with the rest of the noise that someone else gets.

When you get it bang on, email creates a more personal relationship with someone else that no social channel can provide.

In this episode we look at some key areas:

  • incentivising your audience
  • how often you feel the need to send
  • become more creative than the ‘Company Newsletter’
  • creating an email with someone else in mind, not a product to shift
  • automation
  • it’s not about collecting everyone, but the right people to your side

The one thing to remember is that the growth of your email list is nothing to do with you, but to grow a more personal relationship, that then leads them to buy and interact on a far deeper level.

When you move email from another marketing tool, to a key method of sharing and building better experiences where you control, you can move any mountain, as the Shamen once said.

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