Show 131: How to make someone pick you over someone else

Let's look at what you need to do to convince others that you are the trusted choice.

How can you be chosen ahead of someone else? In the business of being picked at school time football, how do you stand more of a chance than someone else? Creating value plays a huge role here.

Your audience is where everything positive comes from. It’s not from Google or Facebook. These are just ways for an audience to find you.

Instead of trying to serve Google or an algorithm, serve those who can become customers. Look at ways to create that interests them and meets their needs. Make it useful, compelling, entertaining and with some heart. We guarantee you that the competition are still going for the drab ‘about us’ and ‘news’ articles that still talk about the Valentine’s Day cupcake run from 2014.

A great example is what UK based Gymshark have done is a short space of time in a hugely competitive marketplace.

Here are some pointers to think about.

  1. Don’t think you have to target everyone and anyone. If you cater for a niche audience that can help your efforts.
  2. Align what you do with other people. Understand what makes people tick and the role that you provide to add value to someone else’s life.
  3. Create strong online and offline touchpoints. Create multiple ways for people to get to know you better. Your website may be your home turf, but like this podcast there are many ways to delve deeper.
  4. Build your community. Communities are important because they create a sense of belonging and someone recognises that they are not alone.

There are tools out there to take advantage of. It is time to understand the needs of others and when someone else has a look around, the decision is already made up.

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