Show 132: How to make people spend more time with you

Before you think that you need to spend more on the brand or the website, an overall objective is to get people to spend more time with you.

Let's strip everything back and recognise that you need to understand how you fit into someone else’s time and day and more importantly, in a language they understand.

When people spend more time with you (both offline as well as online), what matters most is how relevant you are. This is not just using media to tempt someone in and then go to town on selling something to a stranger. Throwing as many people at a wall in the blind hope that a few will stick, has never been very efficient.

When you become relevant to someone else you stand a better chance of always being on his or her radar and ultimately convert to a customer. You need to respect you audience, as well as understanding who they are, as opposed to tarring everyone with the same demographic brush.

The reasons people are going to spend more time with you is if you (and your business) are interesting. This isn’t about manipulation but having a role to play in someone else’s day, where spending some time is recognised as a worthwhile investment.

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