Marketing Podcast

Show 133: How to not be overly reliant on social media as the spoon to feed you

If it’s working brilliant, but sometimes it is too easy when you just throw money at something.

Facebook recently reached a milestone, a quarter of the plant are on this channel. The earth contains 7 billion people, 1.94 are on Facebook each month. It is getting a bit scary.

Many social places encouraged us to build and reach people for nothing, that fun ride has now well and truly stopped. However, many people and businesses still back the same horse, expecting to see a return.

However, organic reach when done properly can work for you. It all comes down to understanding who your customer is and where they reside. You can engage with people wherever they choose to live online (and offline). It is your customer base and audience, not social media that is central to your business model.

If you create a place where your target audience will want to go on a continual basis and you provide the support and information, then having reach via social platforms can work. It has to be part of a wider strategy to engage with others, rather than thinking you can put something out there and feel satisfied that the paid reach meant lots of people had a better opportunity to see. It doesn’t mean that it’s the right people.

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