Content Marketing Podcast

Show 136: How to be the roadsign not the billboard

It’s better to be the one who says ‘GO’!
This week, it’s analogy time, why it’s better to be a roadsign than the billboard. Lets keep it simple and bring it into context of your business.
One is consistent - the other is always chopping and changing
So….is there a particular theme your business can deliver on?

One is random - the other is all about timing
So….you need to deliver the right the right content at the right time to a targeted audience.

One is to trust - one is to draw attention away
So….you can’t be in a world where your only aim is to interpret and disrupt, you have to get people to trust us.

One is repeated (all over the country) - the other is short term (ad campaign in a region)
So…you find a channel and become consistent within it, by being repetitive helps build your voice and your brand message.

One doesn’t care (look at this ad) - the other is responsible (your care when driving)
So…you need to create credible and believable personas wherever and whenever you are present.

When you provide someone something they actually want, it allows a relationship to form. To make that impression you have to be tuned into the space you are distributing and wearing the shoes of the person who is consuming.

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