Show 141 - Reach & Retention Does Not Matter When You Are The Same

Whilst it is important for your message to reach out, the seal of approval is when people want to stick around.

The only way for people to stay with you is for them to see a quality of work that you can keep the momentum with.

The only way for people to read/watch/listen is when you say/do something that others don’t.

This is something that Kevin Kelly shaped in 2008 and is still true today with his 1,000 True Fans principal. Kelly explains that where we can create (with a defined voice), it allows us to interact with people directly. In the past there was an intermediary or someone blocking the way ie. a publisher to get to an author, now we can have contact on a continuous basis to connect directly with an audience.

The numbers you need are relatively small. These are true fans that will purchase anything you produce. Kevin Kelly mentions 1,000 people to make a living. He states that it is not for everybody as there is a lot of work in servicing and connecting, without the help from outside.

When you switch from the pursuit of chasing numbers and reminding everyone about the credibility of volume but focus on retaining those who want to spend time with you, it can create a far healthier future.

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