The Generosity Of Others - The Marketing Homebrew Beer

When someone does something for you that you didn't request, that's special.

One of our listeners and part of the Homebrew family, Stuart Alexander, is also a fan of creating his own beer, so much so, he created his own Marketing Homebrew themed ale.

We didn't ask for it, we didn't mention about making our own beer, but the generosity of Stuart is something that we are extremely grateful for. He took the Homebrew logo and made it his own.

Whilst it is great to show you how it looks and trust me it also tastes better, it's much deeper than that. This is all about creating a community that feel part of something and all that we are, is the pivot to action thinking and getting things done.

We're coming to the end of the third full month and what we are now seeing are the people behind the numbers. This is the most important measurement. It has got nothing to do with chasing one month and looking to beat the other with an arrow heading to the top right, but about the people who are part of Marketing Homebrew and feel inclusive.

Whilst we'd never ask for the next step up to be a keg of Marketing Homebrew, be great to put the map to one side and know who you are, what you enjoy and even what you'd like us to cover in future weeks.

This conversation is yours and to Stuart who created the podcast beer....a HUGE CHEERS.


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